Road To Yokozuna

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I've been playing in a Discord server for the past few months of a game called Road To Yokozuna. It's a homebrewed system where you create a rikishi (Sumo Wrestler) and make your way through the ranks in an attempt to get to the fabled rank of Yokozuna. Every other month they'll have a Tournament, just like Grand Sumo, and a Banzuke where players are given promotions/demotion based on their performance in the previous Basho.

To make a Rikishi you have the skills: Power, Weight, Footwork, Skill, Spirit. They each start at level 2 and you have 5 training points to adjust your stats as you see fit.

For the actual matches, each rikishi will send their planned moves to a third-party Gyoji (referee) who waits until he has both players' moves and sees the round through. Quick Bout Guide

The Offense/Defense system is set up in a bit of a rock/paper/scissors system, but you're still rolling dice. I cannot explain sufficiently the pain of correctly counter-picking your opponent's move, only to have the dice fail you spectacularly.

If you want to check it out, the Discord link is and tell them Tsukizakura sent you. That's my character and you'll recognize him by the hairline fracture in his arm and the concussed look in his eyes.




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    This is weirdly prescient, as I've been watching some Sumo wrestling lately. I only barely understand it, but it's a weird fun sport to try and pick apart. Watching two 300+ pound men slam into each other here is more exciting than watching the same in American football, at least!

    I'mma check it out.

  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    You should join us tonight at 9pm Eastern at

    We do nightly watches of the ongoing Sumo tournaments and if you have any questions about sumo feel free to ask, @Nips


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