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Hey all. So someone I care about found out she was pregnant and went off to talk to someone at a clinic called Choices instead of Planned Parenthood. This rang a bell in my mind as I was pretty sure that was a Christian outfit designed to scare women away from abortion under the guise of providing "helpful" information. Turns out I was right as not only does it say it on the about page but also they performed an ultrasound, talked up regretful women with postpartum depression, and likely gave her a bogus date of conception

I'm looking for advice on how to get her better information. Do I just say, "Hey that place is bogus, go talk to Planned Parenthood"? Because that's the best resource I am aware of. Is there more I can do or share with her? Is there some good reporting out there on ways the Choices Clinic probably misled/pressured her?

I have no involvement with the pregnancy or what path she chooses going forward. But what I heard on the phone today was a very confused and scared friend and I would like to at least help her get less biased information and possibly more support

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    The important (and hardest) thing to explain about PP is they are NOT an abortion service. They provide abortions, but excepting restrictive laws in some red state hellscapes, so do many OBGYNs and hospitals (though not always as an elective procedure). Much like Christian "clinics" they will also advise alternatives (even if not required by law), but do so in the context of the mother AND child's health during and after pregnancy, and in the light of science, not outside moral authority.

    Largely the difference is that PP is staffed by OBs, obstetric nurses, certified midwives, and other pregnancy professionals. These are usually few and far between at places like CC.

    That said... It's not for everyone because people tend to enjoy their chosen flavors of ignorance, willful or otherwise, and are also very firm in their beliefs on hot button topics. Be prepared for a hard no and know that you will likely encounter few humans in your life with the sheer strength of will as a pregnant woman, pushing her against a decision is only likely to cause stress and stress is beyond the last thing pregnant women need more of.

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    If your friend is scared, she's probably feeling pretty powerless right now and needs to feel at least a little in control. These kinds of places take advantage of low information and fear and probably made her even more doubtful of herself - you want her to feel like whatever decision she's making is one she's doing for her.

    I would check for the address and information of your local Planned Parenthood and have that at the ready before you talk so you can slide it to her as a suggestion - even perhaps saying hey, if you want a second opinion, you should maybe go here? If she's scared and needs the help, it's good to do what legwork you can, but also let her feel like she's the one making that decision to go. You can mention that they would take a more medical approach to things, that they provide general sexual health services and can advise her best as they're specialized doctors/nurses, and also suggest that you'd go with her if she needs support (these kinds of visits are so hard to do alone). And if she refuses one or both, respect that decision, and just suggest that you're there for whatever she needs.

    It's good that you want to be there for her, and that you're trying to be as supportive as you can at a hard time like this!

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    Like Cello said, maybe don't focus on why that place is bad but just suggest she get a second opinion as she would for any medical procedure.

    And you just happen to have Maps open and set with directions to the nearest PP...

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    Sit down and listen to your friend to figure out whether she actually wants an abortion or is wanting someone to talk her out of it. If she does want to keep the baby, do some research on the help she can expect - like medicaid for pregnant women (if she isn't insured) or WIC for help feeding herself and the baby after the birth.

    If she does want an abortion, Planned Parenthood is almost certainly the best next step. Even if she decides to keep the baby, Planned Parenthood can help her with contraception for afterwards so she doesn't get another "surprise". Phone them and ask for advice for yourself about what options you can present to her.

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    Hi, friendly neighborhood CRNA here and my wife is a family practice Nurse Practitioner who staffed Planned Parenthood clinics for years.

    First, I want to thank you for being as caring for your friend as you are and perhaps more importantly, your understanding of how sensitive of an event this is. You are doing great!

    Second, there isn't any 'right' way to approach the situation. Your best course of action is to be up front, honest, and supportive. My wife recommends that you suggest seeking a second opinion as any patient would for any diagnosis and then lean towards Planned Parenthood or ideally, her primary care provider.

    Though, she guesses that your friend likely doesn't have a primary care provider if she was shopping for care and ended up at this place.

    Regardless, your friend is currently in crisis and this isn't the time to get into the weeds about the real damage conservative policy has done to young pregnant women, it's the time to find her real unbiased health care and support her through whatever decision she would like to make.

    So, in summation, recommend she seeks a second opinion and then lead her to her primary care team (or their referred OBGYN) or if that's not available, your local Planned Parenthood. After she receives more accurate information (actual date of conception, pregnancy options etc) she'll have the power to decide what is best for her.

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    Thanks folks, I really appreciate having you all weigh in here cause my thoughts were just racing in circles

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    I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
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    Second opinion at PP or hospital due to odds the Christian Clinic was more focused on guilting your friend rather than identify any complications that could endanger her health in the immediate future.

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