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Hi all,

You may remember my long-winded roommate drama saga from last year and the year before. Luckily all that is behind me now. If anyone is curious, I can give an update. But the bottom line is, I have had a lease for the past 14 months at this place - my good roommate and I had renewed for the maximum length of time offered (16 months). Two of us are listed on the lease and we have a third person who sublets from us.

Good roommates wants to leave as he is moving in with his GF. Non-lease roommate doesn't really want to leave but isn't 100% keen on being listed in the lease. I'm worried because our lease renewal documentation hasn't been sent to us so I don't even know what to expect, nor do I know what to do with the one roommate wanting to leave and exit the lease at renewal time.

Any ideas what to expect? I am taking tomorrow and Wednesday off for mental health, and also to try and get ahead of this apartment stuff. Will leasing companies typically allow someone to be removed from the lease at renewal time, or am I going to have to do a lease takeover? Do they typically do a new application and credit check? I'm a tenant in great standing with the company (3 and a half years with my name on the lease) but I don't know what to expect in this situation since I'm already on the lease and want to stay on the lease but considering the price of the apartment I'm not sure I would qualify on my own if they use 40x net salary. I'm verrrrrry close but not exactly enough.

I'm a little stressed. I'm guessing the best thing to do would be to go to the leasing or management office (I think the latter actually handles renewals) and try and discuss the situation with them to understand my options.

I'm just looking for any random information or advice anyone has right now.


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    It depends on the company and the state, if you meet the requirements by yourself it shouldn’t be a big deal to remove them, however they will not refund any portion of the security deposit. So if good roommate has half a months rent in there he likely wouldn’t get that back.

    And how did all that bonkers shit with you the crooked attorney and the bad roommate pan out?

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    I’ll post a recap this afternoon, I promise. I have to finish a deliverable ASAP this morning and will post after, maybe lunch time.

    Insofar as the deposit goes, I’d just pay him that portion out and either charge whoever sublets with me or Just take his portion whenever I leave the apartment.

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    It’s gonna take me longer for the recap, sorry.

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    Well, I’m going over to the management office to discuss with them. Still didn’t get the lease renewal packet. Wish me luck!

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    Drez wrote: »
    Well, I’m going over to the management office to discuss with them. Still didn’t get the lease renewal packet. Wish me luck!

    Good luck

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    Well, uh, I’m already done.

    No issues keeping the lease on my own.

    No issues dropping my roommate whenever I want.

    I can choose to add my other roommate or not at my whim.

    I guess since I’ve been a primary leaseholder and in good standing for over 3 years, they said I can do whatever I want.

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    They also seemed willing to move me seamlessly into a studio or other smaller unit in the building but I said I was fine here for now.

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    I'll provide the promised recap tonight/tomorrow. I was going to write it up now but, frankly, I want to ride out my feelings of happiness while they still exist rather than upset myself by regurgitating what I essentially consider the dark ages of my life.

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