Badges acquired but pax xp?

ebagazareebagazare Registered User regular
Hi. Got my 4-day badges in the mail, and I went to to register them, but there’s no blank field for 4 day badges. Tried putting the 8-digit code in all the available slots but the site keeps telling me they are invalid. Anyone else have the same problem?


  • ibor132ibor132 MaineRegistered User new member
    I don't think they have updated the system for East quite yet based on Twitter, but it should be soon ("a matter of days" per the most recent PAX tweet an hour ago).

  • SepiothSepioth Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Yeah it still says PAX South :D

  • sobblebobblesobblebobble Registered User regular
    Looks like it's finally for East!

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