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PAX East 2020 Pins

thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
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East 2020 Pin Quest -
Expo Hall Map -
Teaser Images from PAX South -

PAX East 2020 LE (Lobby Merch) *Preorder*
PAX East 2020 Set: East 2020 Logo, East Class of 2020, Varsity Trophy, Varsity WASD (All Merch) *Limited quantities + preorder*
Merch 8.0 (All Merch)
Dino Adventure (Child's Play - 8102) Purchase
iam8bit (iam8bit - 21041) Purchase
Maquette (Annapurna Games - 23063) Free with demo or purchase
The Pathless (Annapurna Games - 23063) Free with demo or purchase
Sploosh (Toronto Gaymers - Diversity Lounge) Purchase
Joke Boat (Jackbox Stage) Win or purchase
Prinny (NIS - 26035) Purchase for $15
Black Dragon (Gamermats - TT71) Purchase for $20 or Magic prize wall
MTG Jace (Gamermats - TT71) Purchase for $20 or Magic prize wall
Session (crea-ture studios - 24028) Free with demo
B Button (Checkpoint - Diversity Lounge) *Preorder*
Magic Legends (Perfect World - 17075) Free with demo
Disintegration (Private Division - 12027) Free with demo
KSP (Private Division - 12027) Free with demo
QWRP (Loading Ready Run - Bandlabd) Purchase for $10
Mercy the Bat (Kris Straub - Bandland) Purchase for $20 (or 2 for $30)
Worms (Team17 - 14003) Free with demo of 2 games
Dana (Ysbryd Games - 24035) Purchase for $15
Game of Phones (Breaking Games - TT82) Purchase
Dice Crocodile (Level Up Dice - TT01) Purchase
Retina Gabe (Trade with Mike)
Retina Tycho (Trade with Jerry)
Twisp Meeple (Trade with Ryan/Travis)
Catsby Meeple (Trade with Dora)
Fleshreaper Meeple (Trade with Laura)
Merch Meeple (Trade with Lidija)
Broodax Meeple (Trade with Josh)
Deep Crow Meeple (Trade with Elyssa/Kiko)
Fruit Fucker Meeple (Trade with Dabe)
Kemper Meeple (Trade with Gavin)
Gold Merch Meeple (Trade with PA Staff)
Gold Kemper Meeple (Trade with PA Staff)

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