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[Resolved] Unable to select PM/Notification/Bookmark/New Thread buttons on Mobile Chrome

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(desktop view still works, of course!)

Android, Chrome 80.0.3987.87, Pixel 3

I have been unable to click anything in the footer button tray today. It seems to be ignoring pointer events, but not blocking them from reaching content underneath it. Thought it might be related to some cell network shittiness I'm experiencing, but I can't long-press them either.

I swear I was finally able to pull up my bookmarks a moment ago, but can't recreate the conditions which allowed it.

Edit: Rebooting Chrome fixed whatever it was, disregard

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    edited February 2020
    Potentially those conditions were "opened my bookmalrs from the side-bar menu and didn't even notice"

    Apparently I also can't select the "edit" button after selecting gear button.

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