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Couple questions for East this year...

JOHNNYMAZEJOHNNYMAZE Registered User new member
I'm attending my first PAX East in Boston this year. I was wondering a few things that I thought might be able to be answered by people who've gone before.

1. Can you bring food in with you?
2. Where can I find more information about the performances? Do I need tickets for that? I really want to see Video Game Pianist.
3. What the HECK am I in for?!?


  • a fraking toastera fraking toaster W1TRK Registered User regular
    yes you can bring food in,i do it every year.i think most performances are free if there at the convention itself.not sure tho havent gone to one but never heard of having to pay for one.your in for the best weekend of your life,bring socks pit stick and shower daily.

  • SatoruSatoru Registered User regular
    1) I bring granola bars and water, its never a problem. I know the Cookie Brigade had problems, but they were selling cookies so that's more of an food/safety regulation thing. For regular people its not a problem to bring basic food and drinks.

    Pro Tip- there's plenty of water fountains by washrooms, and inside the convention rooms, and the main auditorium as well. Functionally you should never have to pay for water, its literally everywhere. I bring one water bottle and just constantly refill it during the day.

    2) You'll have to check the PAX schedule for that, some stuff hasnt been announced yet though

    3) Just check the weather as it can be cold in Boston (though we've been having some unseasonably warm weather lately), because you need to stand outside for a while before the doors open and get through security. th

  • eloelo That guy over there... Smoke stack central, NJRegistered User regular
    1 - Yeah, you can bring your own food in, there are plenty of places to sit and eat all over the hallways. My pack is always full of snacks and a bottle of water. There are fountains by the restrooms and bubblers in all the theaters (though they may be empty here and there)
    2 - All performances on the PAX schedule are free (you only need to show your pass. There will be lines for the more popular ones like AI and C-team in the main, and any of the other theaters with popular people doing the things. Get there a bit early and pay attention to the pax lines twitter to know how long the lines are and when they cap out.
    3- You're in for the best weekend ever! :)

  • JOHNNYMAZEJOHNNYMAZE Registered User new member
    Amazing! I'm so excited! Thank you for the replies

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