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Hi everyone, I am totally new to PA and to PAX. I'm a big gaming fan - all consoles, tabletop, board. I'm going to PAX AU for the first time this year. What advice would you give to absolute beginners about planning the trip (I'm coming from Tassie), booking things, general tips and tricks for 'on the day', getting into panels you're keen on etc. I'll chat to a few friends who go regularly, but I'd be so grateful for even more first hand tips. My #1 interest at this event is D&D mini painting so I am really keen on anything and everything involved in that, including competitions. None of my friends have been for this purpose so they can't tell me much about the activities, competitions or panels. Thank you! :)


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    PDP11PDP11 Registered User regular
    A few of questions that might help generate answers on the accommodation and PAX access side.

    Will you be staying with friends or relatives?
    Will you bring wheels across on the ferry, hire a car in Melbourne, or be on foot?
    If booking accommodation, are you looking for super cheap, or shared, or hotel style?
    How extensive a food preparation area would you like i.e. hotel room OK, or are you looking for an apartment?

    Suggestion on ticketing
    Consider how Australia will handle a declaration of a pandemic. The public is already voting for a shutdown of all major events by the current toilet roll panic. My guess is the PAXAus 2020 event being so late in the year will take a big hit from any panic.

    On the ticketing side
    I always add the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) ticket option.

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