Looking for help shipping items to Canada from the US from Ebay

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Good morning peeps, I'm currently elbows deep in a Ghostbusters costume build and am looking for help getting a couple items shipped up from the US to Canada. The pieces I'm looking for are for the Ecto Goggles, which include this headstrap and face cushion padding from a particular set of night vision goggles. Since these fall under military hardware I am unable to purchase them from eBay, and I have yet to find them anywhere else. Would any forumer be willing to lend me a hand in shipping them to your address, and then shipping 'em up to me? I'll pay whatever the shipping costs and convenience fees would be on your end. Give me a PM in interested. Cheers!

EDIT: My current builds on this project can be viewed here and here, as proof that I'm not just trying to hoard American Military hardware for nefarious purposes.

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