Need to (quickly) find a gift for a Broadway lover

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The facts: My friend's birthday is Tuesday. She loves Broadway. Broadway is closed. She's bummed about it, and even had some plans to see a show on Tuesday per another friend, which is now canceled. She's a reader and I was thinking a nice book about Broadway would be good as a holdover until everything gets back up and running.

I need to find a shippable book. Amazon is preferred but as long as it can get to where I need to send it by Tuesday, I don't care where. I was originally going to get her something but due to all the social distancing and working from home, I won't be able to see her on her Birthday after all.

Recently, I know she loved Hadestown, but I'd like to buy something broader in scope anyway.

I found this:

But it seems like that's more of a text book. Reviews are positive about its readability, but there's no Kindle version or sample I can check out, as far as I can tell.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

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