How to pick a [Projector]??

PeenPeen tw1tch0rzoccasionallyRegistered User regular
Hi all. I'm starting to be in the hunt for a projector for my basement and I'm not sure what I'm even looking for. I understand all of the numbers for TVs so I know how to compare that stuff but lumens and such are a mystery.

I don't want to spend a ton, is all I really know, because it's a secondary entrainment space, but I do want one that's clear and good.

Any info or specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


  • RadiationRadiation Registered User regular
    YES! I'm in the same boat. Mine's going to be upstairs though, so I think my light needs are slightly different? Also need a screen that comes down. The place we are going to put the screen wont get recessed into the ceiling (because the support beams run perpendicular to the screen).

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    You do need to figure out what your throw distance is. You can determine the distance the projector will be from the screen and the size of the screen, then go to to narrow down which protectors will work for your home.

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    Throw and budget are the two things to start from.

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    Also be sure to check bulb lifespan and replacement costs - what is a hundred bucks cheaper at time of purchase can rapidly become $1000 more expensive in a few years.

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