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AstaerethAstaereth In the belly of the beastRegistered User regular
I have kind of an oddly specific request for some kind of app that I’ve so far been unable to find and which maybe does not exist? I’m hoping the collective PA braintrust has some ideas.

Tl;dr: What app or platform is there which will let me easily post a short, maybe once a day status that invited people can access online?

So, I recently realized I am genderfluid. What I would like to do, especially in these socially isolated quarantimes, is have some kind of online place with controlled access where I can update my gender status for people to see at times when they can’t see how I’m presenting (or at times when I can’t present appropriately) so they don’t have to ask me.

Ideally there would be a web page that would list the current status; only people with the link could find the page and people who have the link don’t know who else has the link. Ideally this is something I can update in the morning or whenever by pulling up an app and selecting one of three options (male/female/neither).

My options so far that don’t seem to work:

-changing social media avatars/bylines on the fly is too cumbersome and also too public for me right now;
-I found an app called Cluster that lets you share photos to a group (so I’d just post one of three photos) but the problem is that everybody in the group can see everybody else’s emails, which violates their privacy as well as mine
-I could code a website/script that does this, except that I don’t know how to code, so

Can you think of anything out there that could be used for this purpose? Is there an obvious solution I’m just not seeing?



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    mkissinmkissin Registered User regular
    Would a private twitter account work?

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    Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    Perhaps you could modify something like https://aceforth.com/products/statusfy to do what you want? It generates static HTML but you'd have to come up your own method for access control.

    Otherwise a private twitter account seems like the simplest answer, especially if you're going to be doing these updates from your phone (via the app) a lot.

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    AstaerethAstaereth In the belly of the beastRegistered User regular
    I’m trying a private Twitter for now, we’ll see how that goes. Thanks!

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