Recommend me an adjustable bed

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In short, my wife gets migraines from lying down in a flat bed. We've tried all manner of improvised solutions utilizing pillows and headboards and whatnot but nothing has been successful. The only way she can sleep without getting a migraine is in a semi-sitting position in the corner of a sectional sofa, which sucks.

Anyone here have a good adjustable bed that's worked for them? Ideally we'd want something with separate settings for two sleepers so that she can be propped up while I get to stay flat.


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    Generally the split ones only come in king, so be prepare for that.

    Casper and amerisleep are the online brands I've heard good things about, I've looked into this before for my reflux but never pulled the plug. I'd still recommend going to a mattress store and trying them out. But if I was going to pull the plug today I'd probably go casper pro adjustable just because of some of the extras that might be good.

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    i have a caspar caspar mattress and like it a lot fwiw. in normal times they have physical stores. If you have a costco membership check there, they have a deal with them

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