Is machine learning used in video games?

johnvickyyjohnvickyy Registered User new member

Can anyone help me in suggest me
i Decide to develop a Game Related to and i have an doubt how AI and machine learning will help to develop a game ,Will it helpful .


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    PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    The article on Wikipedia might be useful


    The actual applications in game development are limited at the moment, videogames are more used as a "problem" to help develop neural networks

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    RichyRichy Registered User regular
    Depends on the video game. Board games like chess, go, etc., do benefit from AI. Big blockbuster action games, like FPS and such, don't. It's mostly a question of performance and resources. AI is computationally intensive. Board games have simple graphics, little to no sound effects, and a very slow pace, meaning they leave plenty of CPU resources untapped for AI to exploit. Fast-paced AAA action games run at 60fps or more, meaning that each frame has 1/60th of a second to account for player actions, compute physics, NPC actions, sounds, and visuals. That doesn't leave any CPU or GPU to spare.

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