It's Still A Lockdown, Baby [Not-E3 Season]

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It's been a weird one, huh folks?

Usually this time of year we're all excited for the Electronic Three, the big video game commercial that goes on for a week. This year, due to covid-19, and definitely not at all due to a lack of support from major players in the game industry, there is no E3.

But there's still video game stuff happening this summer! Just later this afternoon (in approximately 3 and a half hours at the time of this post), we'll be getting information on the PS5!

There's going to be a ton of other events sprinkled throughout the summer, and so even though we're not getting the big, dumb, wonderful convention, I still want to keep the feeling of it alive, because I don't know about y'all, but for as dumb as it was, it was always the thing I looked forward to the most each summer. So that's what this thread is for!

What are you all excited for this summer, and why is it Playstation Home 2?

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