Penny Arcade - Comic - La La La, I Can’t Hear You

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imagePenny Arcade - Comic - La La La, I Can’t Hear You

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

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  • MarcinMNMarcinMN Registered User regular
    Sorry, but I'm resurrecting this random comic just to say this one thing.

    I don't think anything has done a better job of making me realize how long ago the prequels were than to see which art style Penny Arcade was using during the Episode II era. :)

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    Gabe could only draw in one dimension back then.

    What we now call "depth of field" didn't exist. We really only had 2.5d until recently.

    That's why this joke is so funny - since Tycho was already 'behind' Gabe, he couldn't move between them. It was a meta joke on the limitations of the medium.

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    Something working on the first try is a source of great suspicion.
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