Getting dentures before I'm 40

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I'm not proud of it, but I think it's finally gotten to the point where I think I need to get fitted for dentures, and this is before I turn 40.

I really, really, really neglected my dental health pretty much all my life and I suffered the obvious consequences. There's not many excuses for it, but I finally need to do something about it.

I'm honestly really anxious. I lucky have dental insurance and a savings so the dental cost isn't a huge weight on me.

It's more going to the dentist (already made an appointment) and having someone see my teeth. Then actually getting the dentures and knowing everyone around me will know (as again, my teeth issues are noticible).

Just seeing if anyone has any advice to help me out, or experience with this.


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    A friend of mine had to get dentures at 16 because of some condition where her enamel wasn't actually hard and her teeth would crumble like chalk.

    Lots of people get dentures for lots of reasons.

    It's not who you are. It's not that uncommon. You'll be much happier with them than you are now. Just learn dental hygiene and listen to the surgeon and dentists. There are health related things that relate to dentures you need to be aware of. Brushing is still a thing for gum health.

    If you're at a point where dental appliances or full dentures are being recommend then they can only help, right?

    Edit: What Ceres said. I read that like it was already decided you need them.

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    I've talked to my dentist about having some teeth pulled and getting implants or.. something because I'm tired of needing crowns. He told me the following. To summarize:

    - It's always better to have teeth than no teeth if you possibly can because having them there prevents other issues, even if every single one of them has a cap or crown on it. Things need to be pretty bad in the roots of your teeth to make extraction advisable. If you have those problems you shouldn't be afraid to do what you need to do, but avoid it as long as you can.
    - Dentures and dental implants actually end up costing more than crowns and cleanings because nice ones aren't cheap, getting them put in is not cheap, maintenance can be expensive, and you do need to get new ones periodically.
    - Once you have them they can be irritating and cause pain just by the nature of what they are and how they fit, and if they do tough shit, you can't put your teeth back.
    - You need to keep them pristine. You should really be doing that with your teeth anyway, but keeping even crappy teeth clean is a lot fewer steps that take a lot less time to do.
    - The extraction process is really painful and so is healing, the risk of complication is higher than some full surgeries, and if you do end up with those complications you'll pray for the mercy of death for quite a long time.
    - It's not instantaneous; it won't be "teeth come out new stuff goes in," there's a waiting period while things heal and then a period of adjustment once you have them, and a lot of it depends on how you'll have them held into place.

    There are times when they are absolutely the right choice and will make your life objectively better because the the benefits outweigh the risks that clearly. Don't make any decisions yet. Definitely talk to a dentist, I am certainly not one of those. This is just what my dentist said to me, and obviously as far as he's concerned they are the most final of last resorts. Even if you do need them they are not without cost or consequence and have risks of their own, and you should go over all of those very carefully and in great detail with your own dentist. On the list of related things to worry about when making that choice, the stigma of using them should be near the bottom of it. Be very, very sure, and make sure you're completely out of options.

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