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[Tiny Dungeon] Playtest of "Count Hala Has Gone Mad!"

tibbiustibbius Registered User new member
This adventure will be published fairly soon.

In the meantime I would like to playtest and tweak it.

Rules: Tiny Dungeon from Gallant Knight Games.

Setting: Low-magic fantasy with multiple heritages. The goblins are generally tribal, some being more civilized and living in human/elven settlements. The dwarves generally are miners using their darkvision to preserve breathable air instead of burning it all away with lanterns. Treefolk, lizardfolk, karhu*, and salimar* all are known and not necessarily bad people. *Karhu = bearfolk; *salimar = salamander people.

Intro: The heroes are traveling with a mule train headed to the County Sher, an outpost of humans and elves who conduct logging and farming amid forested hills that are populated by dangerous goblin tribes. The logs go out by floating down the river that runs past Forward, the town surrounding Sher Keep. The food that is farmed stays here. The heroes are going to County Sher for whatever reason we can agree upon. Most simply, they may have been hired to escort the mule train.

Count Hala, the founder of the county, has had some success in negotiating truces with the local tribes. However, deliveries of valuable imported goods – like wine and spices – still are escorted by guards (though this is generally a very uneventful task, known to be safe and easy money for those who have weapons and are down
on their luck). Even more so, the secret exports of silver mined by local dwarfs (the real reason why Count Hala bothered to establish the county).

The heroes are traveling with a train of six mules led by Korogr, a middle-aged and somewhat deaf goblin raised by humans (so he doesn’t have the standard Goblin Agility). Korogr is very conversational:
So, it's forty five years ago I was just a toddler, Count Hala came wiv his men to the forests. There wasn't a town then. My folks took up weapons and fought the Count. They lost. Lucky for me, the quartermaster's wife found me and took me in. They raised me kindly and when they got older they put me in charge of these mules. Redcoat there is nearly as old as me, still carries a good load and kicks strong as ever. See this dent in me arm? That's his hoof mark. I don't dodge as good as most my people do. Got human-trained instead of forest craft. Din't learn much I guess. How to carry a flask, 'at's one thing. An' keep me head on a swivel.

Anyways, what di' ye wanna know 'bout the County?

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