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Children, it's almost time for our bedtime story!

Look, we've already read all these other stories. Let's make up a new one!

A brand new bedtime story for you and for me!

Reply with !Caption, !Draw or !Filler

Choose your role, then type your name to make organization go smoother. Such as "!Filler Perrsun"

If you type any words similar to "your name" in place of your name, you have forgotten the face of your father.

Signups open until July 14, 2020, 11:59 PM Central Time.
Until then, I don't know... entertain yourselves.

Signups are closed. If you ask nicely and make good choices I might let you fill in if we have anybody drop out.

Entries have about 24 hours before I count to 3 and dish out consequences.


!caption Slym
!Caption Munkus Beaver
!Caption 3clipse
!Caption Bucketman
!Caption sarukun
!Caption Captain Inertia
!Caption Elaro
!caption DrZiplock
!Caption Weaver
!Caption Nirya
!Caption chall
!caption houk the namebringer
!caption bendery it like beckham
!caption Skeith
!caption Tef
!caption Pinfeldorf
!Caption Romanian My Escutcheon
!Caption bwanie
!caption Usagi
!caption LuvTheMonkey
!Caption godmode
!caption ASimPerson
!caption mulysasempronius
!caption Kupi
!caption spool32
!caption Psykoma
!caption rhylith
!caption MrMonroe
!caption Goose!
!Caption Facetious
!caption cj iwakura
!caption Luiane
!caption Peen
!caption fightinfilipino
!Caption Rankenphile


!draw #pipe
!Draw Alexandier
!draw darkprimus
!draw Raijin Quickfoot
!draw Platy
!draw Uriel
!draw Virgil_Leads_You
!Draw Tonkka
!Draw Mariisun
!Draw Veldrin
!Draw tynic
!Draw Deans
!Draw miscellaneousinsanity
!draw Mr Fuzzbutt
!draw Joolander
!draw Dr. Flamingo
!draw Desert Leviathan
!draw PwnanObrien
!draw spono
!Draw Juggernut
!Draw El Fantastico
!Draw Kristmas Kthulhu
!Draw Taya
!Draw QuantumTurk
!draw Enc
!Draw Cello
!draw Noggin
!Draw ChicoBlue
!Draw JebusUD
!Draw Blameless Cleric
!Draw JayKaos
!Draw Gizzy
!Draw GSM


!Filler ThatDudeOverThere
!Filler KetBra
!Filler discrider
!filler Lucedes
!filler See317
!filler DisruptedCapitalist
!Filler shalmelo
!filler fishman
!Filler DJ Eebs
!Filler Tofystedeth
!Fill Zombie Hero
!filler SporkAndrew



Teams and Progress:
Team Building Blocks

1. !Draw Veldrin
2. !Caption Facetious
3. !Draw QuantumTurk
4. !Caption Romanian My Escutcheon
5. !draw Virgil_Leads_You
6. !caption Slym
7. !Draw Blameless Cleric
8. !CAPTION filler Lucedes
9. !Draw JayKaos
10. !CAPTION filler DisruptedCapitalist
11. !draw Noggin
12. !caption ASimPerson

The Alternate Dimension Where There Is Not a Horse

13. draw tynic
14. caption bwanie
15. draw gizzy
16. caption drziplock
17. draw pwnanobrien
18. caption weaver
19. draw belruel
20. caption luvthemonkey
21. draw cello

The Alternate Dimension Where There Is a Horse

13. Draw Mariisun
14. Caption Ketar
15. Draw Miscellaneousinsanity
16. Caption mulysasempronius
17. draw filler dj eebs
18. caption spool32

19. draw NightDragon
20. caption houk the namebringer
21. desert leviathan

Team Stuffed Animal

1. !Draw Alexandier
2. !CAPTION filler See317
3. !DRAW Filler shalmelo
4. !caption cj iwakura
5. !draw darkprimus
6. !caption Psykoma
7. !draw Joolander
8. !Caption sarukun
9. !Draw El Fantastico
10. !Caption Nirya
11. !Draw Deans
12. !Caption chall
13. !Draw Knob
14. !Caption Bucketman
15. !DRAW Fill Zombie Hero
16. !CAPTION Filler discrider
17. !draw Platy
18. !caption Pinfeldorf
19. !DRAW filler SporkAndrew
20. !caption rhylith
21. !DRAW Filler KetBra
22. !Caption Elaro
23. !DRAW Filler Tofystedeth
24. !caption Goose!
25. !draw #pipe
26. !caption Skeith
27. !Draw Taya

Team The Box The Toy Came In

1. !draw Dr. Flamingo
2. !caption Tef
3. !Draw JebusUD
4. !caption Kupi
5. !Draw Kristmas Kthulhu
6. !caption Peen
7. !draw Raijin Quickfoot
8. !Caption 3clipse
9. !DRAW Filler ThatDudeOverThere
10. !caption bendery it like beckham
11. !Draw ChicoBlue
12. !caption Luiane
13. !draw Mr Fuzzbutt
14. !Caption Captain Inertia
15. !draw Enc
16. !caption MrMonroe
17. !draw Juggernut
18. !Caption godmode
19. !Draw Tonkka
20. !caption Usagi
21. !draw spono
22. !Caption Rankenphile
23. !Draw Uriel (Time swap with Juggernut)
24. !Caption Munkus Beaver
25. !Draw GSM

26. !caption fightinfilipino
27. !DRAW filler fishman

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