New (again) to Madrid

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Oi vey, due to COVID this has been quite a journey over the last 3-4 months with my lease in Germany running out but I finally am back to living in Madrid, about 24ish years after a previous 1.5 year stint during the last century.

I cannot say enough positive things about the Spanish side of interactions during this messy transition phase. Employer, landlord and real estate agents have been more than accomodating during the lockdown so that was a very positive start to this venture. Bank account has been set up, internet is being finalized and installed in the next couple of days, registration is next and then a short trip back to Germany for work reasons but there is no denying it, this is my new home now. Yay!

I know this might be a very long shot on these here forums but does anybody have any recent experience with town hall registration for EU foreigners and/or applying for the digital signature (as a German I generally used my family signet ring and the traditonal red wax for official mail and then just bind it to the leg of a random pigeon with a string of twine I found in the streets, worked more often than not)?

Also I have been told there might be a difference between N.I.E. numbers for residents and for people actually doing work¿? This might be disturbing news but even the kind lady at my local bank was confused by this.

¡Muchas gracias ya de antemano :biggrin: !

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