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So Amazon Video recently blatantly copied Netflix's added profiles to their service, so if you suspend the TV app the first thing you see is that, and it also bumps you back to the home page. There was a movie that i watched the trailer for, but didn't put on my watchlist before suspending the app, and I don't know the name. There's no history of viewed trailers in the app, and the only thing I do remember and can still find from this adventure is Painkillersand Terrordactyl. As I love cheesy B-Movies, I really want to know what the name of it is so I can watch it. I mean...Attack of the Killer Donuts is also a movie that Amazon has recommended for me. That's how far I get into these movies.

Anyway, The premise of the movie is a family going to visit or care for the grandfather/father, who is dying or something. When they get to the town, it's completely abandoned. They discover that the town has been taken over by aliens that cannot see and hunt by sound. Unfortunately any search for the movie with these A Quiet Place or Netflix's The Silence. Neither of which this is.

What made the movie stand out was that it was that aliens/monster appeared to be done with a very practical effects heavy slime (think Aliens). I think they also may have body horror in it? Not sure. I remember they hide under a car at one point, another in a barrel? There's the usual bloody handprint on a glass window in a door/stairs too.

I also do not think it was an American movie, but it was in English... possibly Euro. For some reason I keep thinking it starts with a "P"?

Please help!

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    Maybe Don't Speak?

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    Yes, that's it! thanks! <3

    “I used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw...”
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