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    WACriminal wrote: »
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    Bass is a member of the Coalition for Autism Research and Education, which includes these as major points in their approach to autistic issues:
    Bringing together public, private, and government entities to pursue
    legislative initiatives that will help facilitate advanced treatments—and
    ultimately a cure
    —for autism spectrum disorders.
    • Promoting all means to ease the burdens of families and loved ones
    affected by autism

    The "search for a cure" narrative is a toxic one, rejected by many (most?) in the autistic community. Add to that a focus on treating autists as a burden and prioritizing the easing of that burden on others (instead of easing the burden of discrimination on actual autists) tell me I'm not enthused about Karen Bass.

    That said, I'm not a single-issue voter, but this sucks.

    Fuck this shit so much. I don't need to be cured. My son doesn't need to be cured. Far as I'm concerned, she needs to be politically stuffed in an oil drum and buried beneath a mountain cause that shit is toxic.

    Haven't logged in in like 5 years, get pointed over here for the Epstein stuff today, and see this fucking horseshit.

    Autism isn't a fucking lifestyle. It is a fucking crippling, devastating, disorder that prevents us from actually being able to live our life or even have relationships with people.

    This attempt at trying to vilify a cure is fucking atrocious horseshit by people who are either self diagnosed or can pass close enough to NT that they can actually engage in society, and want something in their life to feel special about.

    I respect that this is your experience of autism, but I would disagree with your attempt to categorize those with different experiences as somehow insufficiently autistic. In particular, I don't think it's especially good practice to take such a dismissive perspective on self-diagnosis, given the various issues which can make healthcare and access to it a nightmare in the USA.

    You are literally telling me and people like me to just suck it up and fucking suffer, for our entire life.

    Because some people might feel like their "identity is being erased" if there was a cure.

    Nah, that wasn't what I said. But we'd need a Goddamn Separate Thread to get into it.

    @WACriminal @Nobeard

    You wanted a thread to explain why a cure isn't something that can be considered, so here you go.

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    A duck!A duck! Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Please PM the D&D mods before going forward with this thread. It has an extremely high probability of being contentious and it should be handled far more delicately than your OP currently presents.

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