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Pterror from the skies and a bird girl

beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
edited May 2007 in Artist's Corner
hey figured I'd make my own thread cause I want some crits on this doodle I started that I kinda wanna finish

it's some little girl in a tribal bird costume
Really just want crits on the posing, positioning of the feets and you know...anatomy and junk that i suck at lols.


also I'll post this
me and cheerful bear made a comix lol!
he wrote it i doodled it

beavotron on


  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    edited May 2007

    The bird-girl thing looks fine anatomy-wise. For posing, it looks like where her butt would end is higher than her foot, which would mean she's way off-balance...unless she's got her other leg to balance her out - but we don't see that, so as it is right now it looks a bit off. You could either show her other leg on the ground behind her (she'd be kneeling on one knee, then) and that would look fine. You could also, perhaps, switch the placement of her arm and foot, and that would look more like she's balanced and center'd.

    Yay for new threads! :D

    NightDragon on
  • beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    hmmm switching leg and foot sounds promising, i will give that a shot ty Night

    beavotron on
  • beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
    edited May 2007

    the ol' switcheroooooo

    beavotron on
  • The One 52The One 52 Registered User
    edited May 2007
    Hahaha, brilliant. :lol: Poor dinosaur. But then again, he deserved it.

    The One 52 on
    The internet does not qualify as grounds where you can act like a bouquet of dick.
  • bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
    edited May 2007
    Watch out Jim, he's packin' heat!

    bombardier on
  • EhmaviscaEhmavisca Registered User
    edited May 2007

    Ehmavisca on
  • Sam :)Sam :) Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    Great design. The swithed hand and foot works much better. I imagine the character is "perched" on a tree branch up in a tree or something.

    Sam :) on
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