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Launching on September 4th, Marvel Avengers is a multi-platform, co-op super hero brawler by our friends at Square-Enix. The game explores an alternative Avengers timeline with an ever-evolving story line.


In their own words:
Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Assemble into a team of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats.

What does that mean? In not words...



To set up the original story...


At launch, you can pull on your best pair of tights and play as...


...Iron Man wears tights under there, right? Seems only practical.

Each character comes with their own unique play style, emphasizing their own special brand of both heroism, smashing bad guys, and of course, one-liners. Each character can be furthered customized with new equipment, skills, and specialties that help you create your own very special flavor of super hero sauce. And as you build out multiple characters, it's your characters that join you on your missions as you've custom designed them. Your team plays the way you want it to.

Or jump into co-op missions with up to three other players to really bring out that special sort of magical mayhem that only happens with other players.

Everything you need to know about co-op play.

Of course there will be cosmetics, emotes, and other shiny things to spend real money on. It's a live service, which means some sort of monetization. But before you Hulk out, take a read at how this is all going down.

Everything you need to know about gear and cosmetics.

Let me see if I can summarize the controversial points:
  • Every hero has an unlockable Hero Challenge Card that's essentially a battle pass style rewards track that lets you earn all kinds of special goodies for that hero
  • On the surface, these cost $10 to unlock for each new hero. But within each track, you'll earn your currency back by completing the track so you can unlock another hero for free
  • All six of the starting heroes begin with their Hero Challenge Card unlocked
  • The cards have no expiration, so complete each card at your leisure. The Internets have all gotten together and agreed that it'll take you about 3 weeks of daily playing to finish a card
  • You can complete multiple cards at once, and work towards multiple heroes each day
  • The bonus are cosmetic, not mechanical, and optional. But yeah, you should probably do them if you really enjoy that hero
  • When new heroes are added, they are free to play, as well as any game content or story missions (no paying for actual content)
  • I'm sure there's more detail needed, and will certainly add it as people yell at me :biggrin:
And yes, expect new heroes to assemble, along with their own missions and stories. All included with the price of admission. For example:


Other Resources:

Happy to take suggestions on other resources
How to find PA people to have smashing good times with
Best websites to buy discount tights in case you tear a pair while playing

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    First time doing an OP. Happy to take feedback, add in more resources, or helpful information for new players. Can't wait until this fully unlocks for everyone here on Friday.

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    I got the 72-Hour access version. Regional pricing made it cost less than the standard version in America Bucks. Will be a good game to turn brain off playing in between Wasteland 3 sessions.

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    Seems like its about 10 hours to finish the campaign, sounds like people really enjoy it.

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    10 hour base campaign isn't bad for something like this, i look forward to diving in tomorrow for a bit.

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    Did they say the Day 1 patch was already dumped into the STEAM version of the game?
    Seems like its about 10 hours to finish the campaign, sounds like people really enjoy it.

    Paul Tassi, someone who I find to usually be a contrarian on things, is pleasantly surprised by it. As have been a spate of folks on other forums and the Twitter-verse.
    Decatus wrote: »
    10 hour base campaign isn't bad for something like this, i look forward to diving in tomorrow for a bit.

    And from the way the game is setup, you only have to do it once - if I'm understanding how progression goes.

    . . .the only thing that sounds annoying, is that Multiplayer spoils the campaign somehow? Maybe if you try to do Multiplayer that isn't tied to the campaign.

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    "Get the hell out of me" - [ex]girlfriend
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    the uh

    the other thread is still there

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