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Finally updating my workstation

ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
Now that I own a house, I'm finally looking at modernizing my workstation. I currently have 2 desks, one personal and one for work. In the interest of saving space I'm looking at consolidating onto one desk, either with a 4-monitor mount, or a tall 2-monitor that will hold them over two monitors actually sitting on my desk. I also want to migrate to a sit/stand desk. Does anyone have recommendations on monitor arms and/or desks? I don't have a budget in mind yet, so don't worry about price.


  • MugsleyMugsley Registered User regular
    For arms, I've been very happy with offerings from VIVO. Reasonable price and solid build quality. I don't believe they have 4-screen mounts so you may need to buy 2 and get creative.

    For the desk itself, do you want something like a Versadesk that sits on your desktop, or do you want the legs of the desk to move? If you want the desk legs to move, I'd typically recommend Ikea, but they are out of stock for nearly everything right now.

    You could also look into a larger L-shaped desk and have one set area for work; one for personal.

  • dispatch.odispatch.o Registered User regular
    edited September 2020
    I have had the Jarvis model desk recommended to me twice. I've configured my perfect desk no fewer than a dozen times and never click "order now" due to an indecisive fear.

    They look and review fantastically. I just keep looking at my 17 year old utility table that looks like it belongs at a conference badge station and think it's survived this long, it deserves to keep living.

    dispatch.o on
  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    On the standing desk thing.
    It has been the standard here in Denmark for like 15 years or so, meaning every office desk at workplaces are like that only most are only use to fine tune the table height and then left like that. And that is despite it being tables adjusted by actuators and PC's suspended from them so it is easy to alter the height.

    Now I am not saying there is not a benefit, however I recommend getting a really good chair and also just trying to build good habits like fx. short breaks now and then, placing things you need once in a while so you need to walk a few steps to get them and so on.

    Now on arms I like Ergotron;

    Note that you can also find offering from big PC companies like Dell and others, only it is usually arms from companies like Ergotron however they are often sold at lower prices. So check what is on offer from the computer companies before pulling the trigger.

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  • djmitchelladjmitchella Registered User regular
    We had adjustable standing desks at our office before we went WFH, and probably 90% of people never changed the height of theirs. I had mine at 'stand' position the whole time; if I wanted to sit down, we had extra-tall chairs ("draftsman chairs", I think?), to move the seat up rather than moving the desk down.

  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    None of my current monitors have the right attachment point, so I'll be getting new ones.

  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    Artereis wrote: »
    None of my current monitors have the right attachment point, so I'll be getting new ones.

    That is taking things to a now level. I have to make a suggestion.

    Instead of getting new ones, then just get one - a big one.

    Some 5½ years ago I took the plunge and replaced my 24"+27" setup with a 40" 4K monitor(No, not a TV) and I am loving it. The 40" 4K has the pixel density of a 27" 2560x1440 only having one big screen instead of two gives so much extra freedom, without the bezels in the middle it is just better - sort of like having a big desk vs. two smaller ones next to each other.

    Pricing wise getting one instead of two amounts to about the same, two cheap ones is cheaper than a big one however two more pricey ones is more costly than a big one. Also you will some by only buying one arm.

    Having one big monitor has the added benefit that it good for movies and very immersive for games.

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  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    edited March 23
    Finally able to start focusing on this since our remodel work is finished. Pulled the trigger on a desk. I went with this Uplift desk because I liked the overall shape and selected a bamboo top. I'm probably not going to order any arms until it comes in, but with the vision I have in my head, I'm torn between this Ergotron arm and something a little more affordable like this over at Monoprice. The Ergotron arm is really what I wanted to be able to do the most, but we'll see how things feel once the desk comes in. Work already sent me two new 27" monitors, which are larger than anything I've had before and I do want to be able to tuck them toward the back when not in use.

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  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    Ergotron makes good arms - the Ergotron HX that I am using with my 40" feels really solid and well made. I was lucky finding it on a sale of sorts, else I would likely have went with something more modest.

    If you I think you'll find that companies like Dell, HP and IBM sell arms that seems to be rebranded Ergotron ones and in some case the prices are significantly lower. Or at least they was when I looked a year or so ago.

    Also I hear that the arms Amazon sell with their own Amazon Basics name one them are good value for money.

    Finally something to consider. For a long time I was using two 27" at work where I had one oriented in portrait mode and the other in landscape mode, depending on what you having a monitor in portrait can be really neat. Some arms will let you rotate the monitors, most don't however I think it is worth considering. If the stands the monitors have now allow for it you could maybe test it out.

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  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    From what I understand, the Amazon Basic premium arms are rebranded Ergotron. What I really want is the tall pole, but those aren't offered by many brands.

  • MugsleyMugsley Registered User regular
    I'm pretty sure they're all the same diameter, so you can get a tall pole from a different brand.

    My only caution with those arms is if you plan to have the desk against a wall, there's nowhere for the arm to swing behind the desk, so the monitor will sit about half of your desk width off the wall.

    It's the main reason I went with a static arm versus a movable one

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