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Pint-Sized Pub Crawls Present: The PAX-Online Digicrawls!

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Co-founded by the organizers of the PAX East PokeCrawl and the PAX West Triwizard Drinking Tournament, Pint-Sized Pub Crawls is dedicated to putting on great events that build community and raise funds for Child's Play Charity.

For PAX Online we are going digital and holding our crawls in our Discord server! There will be two nights of fun shenanigans with three bar crawls scheduled and we'll have special PAX AUS times for one of the crawls! Show up in costumes if you want, have fun with all of us, and help us raise money for Child's Play!

We will be doing signups via eventbrite so that we can gauge how many people we'll be getting. The discord link is in the eventbrite!

The first crawl will be the digi TWDT and will from 4pm Pacific time to Midnight on Saturday the 12th!

The second crawl is the PAX AUS crawl and will run from 2AM to 7AM Pacific Time (7PM-12AM Melbourne time) on the 19th!

The third crawl will be night two of the US digicrawls and will run from 4PM Pacific to Midnight on the 19th!

If you're interested in volunteering to help in the Discord during the crawls please sign up here!

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