Let's talk about our favorite things! (Probably NSF56K)

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Today was a bad day. I don't want to think about it. So let's instead share the things that make us happy.

One of my absolute favorite things are robots and vehicles that combine into larger robots and vehicles. Probably my favorite example are the combiners in Transformers.
5-6 individual transformers combine into a hulk behemoth robot. I always loved this for multiple reason. Firstly, Devastator in the '86 movie was a frightening beast. Just a real "oh shit" moment when he shows up. That's stuck in my mind very well and is my favorite part of that movie. While the toys of combiners were never quite as great as you'd want, the idea of collecting multiple figures and then being able to use them all as a bigger figure was great. I never get tired of this.

'course Transformers isn't the only place this happens. Another famous example is Voltron; five mechanical lions combine to form a super robot.

This concept filtered out to Super Sentai, which eventually got reprocessed as Power Rangers in the US, where the Megazord was easily my favorite part of that show.

But robots and robotic things aren't the only place to find these things. I had an old GI Joe toy that I loved because it had a little bathysphere that would pop off of the main vehicle.

So what's one of your favorite things?

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