Laptop Streaming having issues

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So, I've got a pretty beefy laptop (I7-7700k, 32gb ram, 1070GTX). My connection is 50mb/s fibre to the house (though given that's wholesale, it's generally 30-50). I'm having issues with video streaming. I can't seem to watch anything on any browser for more than a few minutes before it needs to buffer. When I download through a browser or though something like Steam, I'm seeing 3-5mb/s download speed, which matches what I'm getting on speed test. My Switch, PS4, various phones and my partners laptops don't have any issues streaming or downloading.

Anyone have any idea what might be killing my video streaming? As I said, even on the same laptop, all other downloads are fine. A friend suggested I might have picked up some malware along the way. Any suggestions for a good program? I currently just use Windows Defender.

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