Secret Santa 2020

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It is once again time for the annual Secret Santa exchange. A few things are different this year. I am using Elfster to do the pairings, so I can not guarantee you will not get an international Pinny Pal, but will try to honor all requests.

What: A fun exchange of gifts amongst members of the Pinny Community. Gifts should be about $30 US BEFORE SHIPPING, please do not send a $5 present because shipping is high.

Who: Anyone who has at least 3 substantive posts on the forum, is active in Slack or has at least 5 confirmed trades on Pinnypals.com is eligible. If you are more involved at PAX than online I may need someone to vouch for you.

When: Signups end 10/12, pairings will go out the 13th. Presents must be mailed no later than 11/27. Yes I know that is early, but shipping is a mess right now.

Where: Signups are done thru Elfster.com.

Why: Because we all need a pick me up dang nabbit.

How: Send me a DM (either here or Slack) and I will verify you and send you the signup link. Please do not share the link. Post a wish list here and a picture of your present once arrived. Any links to actual wish lists can be done through Elfster.

Note: I have been working a lot of hours and may not get to requests immediately. Please be patient.

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