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[PGA Tour 2K21] The Announcers Don't Say "Eye-ron" Anymore

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PGA Tour 2K21 is a sports video game developed by HB Studios and published by 2K Sports for Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It's a continuation of The Golf Club franchise integrated with 2K Sports and the second game in the franchise to include a PGA Tour license (effectively succeeding EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise).

PGA Tour 2K21 received positive reviews, with critics acknowledging that the game preserved the extent of realism seen in its predecessors, while adding more difficulty levels and assists to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

If you follow Gabe and Tycho on Twitter, you are super aware they are locked in an eternal struggle against Gary Whitta and Will Smith on Twitch.

Ok, Shut Up, Is There A Penny Arcade "Clan"?
Yes, I set up a casual and open society for us called "New Arcadia Golf Society". The search function on this game suuuucks so there's no way to tag the society with "penny arcade" or "pax" or any useful information. You literally need to search for the name of the club.

I also set up one handicap scored event each week until Christmas.
  • Each event is one round and you have one week to complete it, starting on Tuesdays.
  • Every other event is themed after a PAX. Example: the PAX East Open is on a Boston area golf course.
  • The buy in fee for each event starts at 20cr and goes up by 20cr each week.
  • The payout for the season final, PAX West Open at Chambers Bay, will be based on a 200cr entry fee plus the society kicks in a 1000cr bonus.
Hit me up here or on Twitter at with any questions or suggestions.


"I don't know why people ever, ever try to stop nerds from doing things. It's really the most incredible waste of time." - Tycho
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