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Yes folks, it is that lovely time of year again where those who can help those who need!

If you don’t know what this is I’m going to wager that you aren’t eligible

But just in case

I need SAINTS! Saints are people who, out of the kindness of their heart, want to help out a few people who aren’t having the merriest off holidays.

Here are the rules for Saints

1. You can choose to give to as many people as you want. Just 1? You’re amazing! Everybody? You’re amazing!

2. There is never an obligation. If you need to back out for any reason just let me know so I can move some things around and make sure everyone gets gifted.

3. You may gift completely anonymously if you’d like. Just let me know when you sign up.

That’s it! Those are the rules!

If you wish to be a Saint just send me a PM on here. Add how many people you would like to gift as well.

I NEED SAINTEES! Saintees are people who need a little extra cheer. Maybe you would like a couple things for your kids. Maybe you’re spending all of your money on your kids and can’t afford anything for yourself...or maybe you just don’t enough money to do anything for the holidays. That’s why this thread exists!

There are a few stricter rules to being a Saintee

1. You can’t sign up for Secret Satans. If you’re doing Satans, that’s awesome... but you can’tbe a saintee.

2. I have to know you or you need a vouch from someone I know. To protect the amazing Saints from being bamboozled, I can only accept people I know are legit. I’d hate for someone to sign up and lie just to get free stuff. Highly unlikely, but still...

3. You MUST have a wishlist! Not optional! You can share the wishlist here or send it to me in your pm when you sign up.

4. You must make a post here saying you’re signing up and just giving a rundown on a few of your favorite things. Favorite color, shirt size, favorite sports team, etc...

5. When gifted you have to post in here with an awesome post about how awesome people are and talk about your awesome gift!

Lastly, I want a few IMPS! Imps are people who can act as a middle person between Saints, saintees, and myself. Generally not as important since this isn’t nearly as cloak and dagger as Satans but still useful.


Please don’t be ashamed or embarrassed or afraid to sign up. This is the best damn community on the internet. Nobody is here to judge you and nobody will ever think less of you because you’re having some struggles. That goes for every year but ESPECIALLY for this year. The people who sign up to give want to do it. It’s all love here. Please don’t hesitate to sign up for any reason.

For everyone who signs up as a Saint, I love you and you’re incredible. I’ll say this many times to all of you before the year is done, this is just the first one.

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