Can I/should I block this person from PayPal?

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Long story short, I helped someone with some money last year. They were out of work and I was doing OK financially so I helped them out. This snowballed and they kept asking me for money and I kept helping them out because I'm a fucking idiot. I sent them money through PayPal and once through Venmo. I blocked them on Venmo, on my phone, on all my social accounts including ones I never even had contact with them through, but I couldn't see how I could block her through PayPal? Is this a concern? Can she do anything, assuming she enlists the aid of someone who knows how to do anything? Is there any way to block her?

Any recommendations in this situation?

edit: She also, unfortunately, has my home address. I gave it to her years ago when we were acquainted and had plans to do a photoshoot. She's never been here and I'm not sure she even took down my address, but that kind of concerns me.

edit 2: I realized I missed some context here. She tracked me down through a different number and while I normally don't answer "Unknown Number," I had a weird day today and wasn't thinking straight and answered and it was her. I told her I couldn't talk to her, hung up, and that triggered me blocking her from everything.

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    Not an idiot, maybe just too kind. Generally people like that look for the easy mark and if you're not that anymore, they'll move on.

    I'd probably get a new Gmail, change all your passwords, and use that email as the recovery address.

    If PayPal is tied to a main checking, maybe get a Simple account and use that if you still need PayPal.

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