Chrome Much Slower than other Browsers

RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
Thread title is pretty descriptive: My chrome browser (fully updated, Windows 7) has decided to be painfully slow at random times in loading pages and videos. Specifically it'll go through to the page I click on pretty quickly, but then the components on that page take minutes to load and appear. Googling suggests emptying the cache, so I tried that, and when I restarted Chrome it worked for 45 minutes before it started being slow again. Restarting my entire computer is also a temporary fix. I've tried disabling my extensions, but the Internet Explorer still installed on my computer outpaces it reliably. Does anyone know what else I can try?


  • AntinumericAntinumeric Registered User regular

    Did you update chrome just before this started happening?

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  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Have you looked to see if your primary HD is full? This sounds like a thing where you're out of space on the disk.

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