New Forum Policies/Rules (1/20/2021)

DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
In light of recent and current events, of which I'll not rehash, as we are all currently living through them, we're enacting some new rules and guidelines on the PA Forums, and reemphasizing some of our current policies.

Conspiracy/Extremism Discussion Guidelines

Posting videos/content directly from sources that are tied to far-right conspiracies, hate groups, and other forms of extremist media is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: QAnon, Proud Boys, and various other white supremacists. If you feel like something you are about to post is even on the borderline, err on the side of caution. I do not care if you are only posting a flat earth video to dunk on how stupid the flat earth video is, please do not post the flat earth video.

Discussion about these groups will be allowed, as it is difficult to discuss the state of the world without discussing them at all. But discussion of these groups can be had without spreading their talking points and propaganda. It only takes one person getting sucked in for damage to be done.

Content Warnings on Media

It is very difficult to talk about current events without discussing potentially upsetting imagery and videos. As such, media that shows violent or potentially upsetting acts may be posted in relevant discussions. When doing so, it is now required that potentially upsetting media be placed inside spoiler tags, with a brief explanation of what the media shows, with relevant content warnings.

Please do remember that this is still a 13+ forum, and that many people may browse these forums at work. Even with content warnings, some material is still too extreme to be posted here. Examples of material that is still not allowed to be posted or linked to would include media that explicitly shows a death. If you feel something is borderline, check with a moderator first, or do not post it at all. In general, err on the side of caution.

Sourcing Information and Combatting Misinformation

This is already a policy in D&D, but we're expanding it to all forums. When posting information from Twitter, please source the author of the tweet and post the text of the tweet. In On-Topic discussions, please do not post joke tweets or satire. In Chat forum discussions, satirical and joke tweets will still be allowed, but please tag that the tweet is a joke if you think it can at all be misconstrued as real news. For example: you don't have to tag a dril tweet as a joke tweet, as it can be safely assumed that everyone can piece together that it's a joke.

Please consider your sources before you post them as news on the forums. There's no hard and fast rule as to which news source is trustworthy, as that can shift over time. Use your best judgment, and do a bit of checking around yourself before you post something. As we've all learned over the past few years, there is a lot of false information floating around, and it is extremely common for misinformation to fly during chaotic events like the insurrection at the US Capitol. There is not a prize for being the first to post a tweet so please take your time and check before you post something. Also: listen to your fellow forumers. You may not know the full history of the source you just posted, but other people might, and if they inform you about the problems with that source, try to retain that information.

Everyone makes mistakes and gets caught by misinformation. It's very difficult to avoid. But please stay vigilant about misinformation, and listen when people point it out. Routinely and/or repeatedly spreading misinformation on here can lead to warnings and eventually bans.

A Final Note

These forums are meant to be an open and safe place for discussion. As such, we'd like to reiterate that hatred and bigotry is not welcome here. That means transphobia is not welcome here. That means racism is not welcome here. That especially means white supremacists are not welcome here. Misogyny is not welcome here. Discrimination and hatred towards those in the larger LGBTQ+ community is not welcome here. There are more I'm sure that I'm missing, but I hope everyone is detecting a trend in that paragraph. If you believe in this sort of hatred, this place is not for you, and you can either get your shit together or get out. I promise you that if you do not get your shit together, you will get out one way or another.

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