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Podcasts not showing up in iTunes?

Wasn't sure whether I should try here or in H&A. I'm having a heck of a time figuring this one out. I've got a sizeable backlog of the Revolutions podcast that isn't showing up in my library, and had a similar issue with the S-Town podcast and Car Talk. In S-town's case, I was able to add them to the library manually (double clicking to open, then they appear in the list). This hasn't worked with Revolutions, and a big chunk is missing out of the library. I downloaded the episodes from the store, and they're in the appropriate folder in Windows, but they don't show up even when I try to add them manually.

Alternatively, any recommendations for a podcast app that'll work on an ipod touch? iTunes works just fine for music, but I've had various issues with podcasts over the years and I'm getting annoyed with it.

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