Become a civilization of Horrible Raccoons in [Trash The Planet]

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Okay what is it?
Trash the planet is a game a where you play as Raccoons in the midst of modern human society building their own, rival, society based around that thing that Raccoons just love the most: Trash.

Collect Food, grow your ranks, collect trash, grow your ranks even further. Attain human level sapience and discover agriculture! Build Libraries to help you sort trash better into More useful forms of trash! Develop language so as to communicate with each other and also get better trash from the humans! Develop Money so that you can then make more money! For the collection of more Garbage! To make even more money!

Wait what?
That’s right! Using the time tested mechanics of the idle clicker, you too can guide a society of intelligent(?) raccoons on their quest to outpace the greatest logistical and ethical failings of their human predecessors at a rate that is, quite frankly, kind of awe inspiring in its rapidly escalating terror! A commentary on human society and the economy, Trash the Planet uses tongue in cheek humor and quirky characters to chart a satire of the very foibles we now find ourselves in and have to figure out how to pull themselves back from the brink of utter destruction as they... Trash the Planet.

Where did this come from?
Developed by the team at This Game Is Haunted, Trash the Planet’s team consists of Ben Moran (writing and design), Sarah Morgan (Art and Design), Nick Cummings (Coding, UI, Design) with art and animation by Chris Balcom, and Music and Sound design by Bryan Brunt.

Alright, I’m sold, where do I go to become a society of horrible raccoons that destroy the earth in a reckless quest for trash, money, and more money and trash?
The game Is free to play up on www.trashtheplanetgame.com

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