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32bit windows, DOS games

I have an old DOS game that is apparently a troublemaker.

I have an old XP laptop (Inspiron 1300 I think) and the game display flushes sideways. Compatibility setting don't change anything. Other DOS games run on this computer just fine, just the one game has the display issue.

I have newer hardware that can run windows 7 32bit (just for old games) but it says the game/hardware does not support full screen mode. Compatibility settings don't change anything.

Is there any difference between windows 7 or 10 32bit as far as running old games?

I currently don't have any XP ISO's to try on other hardware.

I tried dosbox briefly but it acted like the mouse was constantly clicking (in the context of the game, constantly shooting and using all of my ammo).

The game is Predator 2. Video for reference on which game it is.


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    I think DOS-Box ist still the best solution to get the game running on current hardware. Especially because you can limit the speed, that is often a hurdle if its a real old DOS game running natively on newer hardware. Unfortunatley I don't know the game so I cannot provide any trouble shooting tips. A community which specialises in running old games on vintage and current HW is Vogons

    Running the game natively:
    IMO you won't have much luck with Windows XP and Windows 7. Although they can run DOS games to a certain extend, the compatibility is reduced greatly since the switch to the NT Kernel in Windows 2000, XP and even further in Windows 7 and its predecessor Windows Vista.
    If you still have hardware from 2001-2003 or earlier (best bet is anything without PCIe) you could try installing MS DOS directly. Otherwise Windows 98 is the next userfriendly solution. Please be aware you still need a MS-DOS boot medium (floppy, CD) to enter the Windows 98 setup.
    Phils computer lab has great tutorials for running MS-DOS games or running DOS-Mode in Windows 98:

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