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How DARE other places have night at different times? [timezone] thread

ElaroElaro ApologeticRegistered User regular
Yo wattup. I'm EDT, or -4 UTC.

Did you know that seaborne time can be a different timezone than the land near it? At least that's what I gleaned from this map:

Post your timezones if you have 'em! Do you have favorite timezones?

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  • Indie WinterIndie Winter die Krähe Rudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular

  • Bendery It Like BeckhamBendery It Like Beckham Hopeless Registered User regular

  • Captain InertiaCaptain Inertia Registered User regular
    I love when you get a week before release and only just then learn that while the application corrects for user time zone, the email client that sends all the required follow up comms defaults to listing all times in GMT with no way to dynamically sync it with the actual user’s time zone

  • KakodaimonosKakodaimonos Code fondler Helping the 1% get richerRegistered User regular
    That's when you say fuck it and convert everything to UTC UNIX time and make the endpoints handle all the conversions.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

  • miscellaneousinsanitymiscellaneousinsanity grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, i hurt peopleRegistered User regular
  • CalicaCalica Registered User regular
    Oh hey is this where I talk about how the software at my last job sometimes adjusted timestamps for timezone and sometimes not? And how timezone was often stored as simply an integer representing an offset from Arizona, which is on mountain time but doesn't observe daylight saving time?

    And also how timestamps were stored in the database as 14-digit strings (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)?

  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    PST is the best we get new shows at midnight, other suckers gotta wait

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  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Hot time zone takes: both Indiana and Michigan should be on Central time.

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