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Ultima Online: Angel Island freeserver launching!

LoDstyleLoDstyle game-master.netRegistered User new member
Old school classic Ultima Online MMO that emulates Siege Perilous OSI server from the year 2000.

Come join this storied UO server as we set out with one of the largest UO freeshard populations in years. There is expected to be between a thousand and two thousand players online for launch on August 14th, 2021. The ruleset is 700 skill points with a stat cap of 225. The UO renaissance period. This story has a lot of history on this server. I encourage those of you who read this to search query words "Angel Island UO" to find out more. Please come join us for some good ol' fashion nostalgia as we go back in time to enjoy the first MMO.


  • LoDstyleLoDstyle Registered User new member
    I'm sorry I meant to type, this specific forum has rich history with this MMO server. Search this penny arcade server for the words angel island UO to find thousands of posts about it.

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