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Options shows PAX East/code incorrect

serenepaxserenepax Registered User new member

Camp PAX 2021 badge has arrived, and I went to to activate it like the sticker told me to. (I'm a slave to stickers.)

First of all, the site still has PAX East 2020 branding all over it.

Second, it asks for an 8 digit code "at the top of the badge". My Sunday only badge has a 16 digit code and in a different spot. I tried entering the code but the site will only accept the first 8 digits, and then says it's an invalid code as expected.

I don't imagine I'll be the only one with this issue, just posting since I didn't see any reports of it yet.



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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Thanks for the report! It's likely that whatever system is being used hasn't been transitioned over yet. If it's still a problem when the show starts, there will probably be info about it on the official pax twitter account.

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    Talon88Talon88 Registered User new member
    I have a similar problem. At first only Firefox would give me an option to access My other browsers wouldn't allow it at all due to some security issue. When I finally got there as with the other poster, it showed for Pax East. Same thing for the code. It shows it is suppose to be on the back right corner and 8 digits. My pass has 16 on the bottom on the back. I tried the first 8 and the last 8 which results in an invalid code. Now today going to that site it gets a 404 error which means that site was taken down? I guess it is too soon to activate the psss?

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    davobahdavobah Registered User regular
    The server certificate was expired, so that was probably your browser issue. But if you are still seein PAX East stuff then you need to refresh the page. They have a new cert and the home page now says "soon".

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    ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    I download the PAX West mobile app and activated my badges via that and it worked just fine. The code they asked for was the small set of numbers directly under the QR code on the back.

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