if you live in Australia you can buy a mad max car

The Cow KingThe Cow King a islandRegistered User regular
ok you dont have to live there but its not cheap shipping a car over sears

and no i aint taking the piss lmao

Mutant A pair of 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes in flagrante delicto are split, widened and mounted one to the other, pitched at a rakish angle by huge double rear wheels and powered by twin V8’s slaved to a handmade gearbox capable of harnessing and harmonizing the ultimate power of the ultimate leader. The flagship of the Citadel’s Armada, The Gigahorse is memory of past glory and pledge of future victory. Armed with whaler’s harpoon and the devil’s own flamethrower, The Gigahorse is likely the first thing you hear and the last thing you see on the Fury Road.

look someone get one of these for 5$ it might happen its possible

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