Recommend me an electric scooter for 7-8 year old!

Romantic UndeadRomantic Undead Registered User regular
Hey guys! Mini-dead's scooter recently broke, and she misses it. With the holiday season approaching, I was thinking about maybe getting her an upgrade to replace it.

I would love to hear recommendations on electric scooters that would be appropriate for her.

- For a small-ish 7 (and a half!) year old girl
- We have direct access to a nice long bike path behind our house that travels the entire town and beyond
- Other than the bike path, we also live on a quiet suburban crescent
- Mini-dead understands safety equipment and can often be seen wearing her pads and helmet "just because"
- She is a bit skidding (i.e. not an adrenaline junkie) so we're really looking more for fun and reliability, not power

Thanks in advance!

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    FiendishrabbitFiendishrabbit Registered User regular
    Razor e100 power core is really popular at the school I work.

    While the top speed (11mph) means that they recommend it for Age 8 and up it's really one of the lower powered scooters for that age rating so I think it could work for a 7 (and a half) year old girl with good safety sense. Compared to the E90 it has a much better front wheel and unlike the E100 predecessor it has a hubdrive (so no chain that requires service). It also has a really good range compared to the competitors (about 10 miles/16km worth).

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