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PeenPeen Registered User regular
We currently use Cricket for our cell phone service and we've been happy enough with them but with the Reuter's report about AT&T funding OAN we're now pretty interested in switching.

I'm looking at Mint Mobile and Metro by TMobile, does anyone have either one that can comment on the quality of the service? We're in the metro DC area, I work in the city and we live in MD, if that's useful context.


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    Liquid HellzLiquid Hellz Registered User regular
    Ting is great... great rates, good coverage, awesome customer service.

    What I do for a living:
    Home Inspection and Wind Mitigation
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    BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    I switched from Tmobile family plan to Tmobile prepay to Walmart family talk (Tmobile network) and am now on mint (also Tmobile)

    Other than the price continually going down while getting more data, I have noticed no other problems between the 4 different Tmobile network accounts I've used.

    Also, I guess, I cannot get a mobile data plan for my smart watch, which I probably wouldn't use anyways

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