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SECRET SAINTS! It’s BACK!!! 2021 style! Extra cheese

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Here we are again…it’s that time of year when people band together to make other people’s holidays a little bit brighter!

Hey Steve, I’m new…what is Secret Saints?

Well, Secret Saints is a fun little ditty I organize every year where people who aren’t in a situation to provide their own Christmas cheer can have others help them…with gifts!

Hey Steve, can anyone sign up?

Unfortunately, no. Because this is a charitable gifting it does fall victim to possible scamming. Fortunately though, the only real requirements are that we know you or someone specific can vouch for you, and that you don’t sign up for Secret Satans. If you can do Satans you’re probably not in need of Saints

Hey Steve, how do I sign up?

Well that’s as simple as a pie cooling on a windowsill! Just send me a PM indicating you need Christmas Cheer. You MUST have an Amazon wishlist to make it easier for Saints but also understand that you may get homemade cookies or art.

Hey Steve, what if I’m not happy with what I get?

Tough shit. You better make a post that does nothing but thank the Saints for being awesome and keep your crud to yourself. I don’t want to have put any ungrateful Garys into a sleeper hold but I will.

Hey Steve, can I be outside of the US?

This will be a case by case situation. Feel free to sign up but also know that I might not be able to find someone that’s wants to do anything international…it’s HIGHLY unlikely but just a small warning because I never know.

Hey Steve, Saint here…I want to give! I’m an incredible human being! What do I do?

First of all, thank you for your generosity and kindness and know that I love you. Secondly. Just shoot me a PM letting me know you want to give and how many people you want to give to. You can choose to give to 1 or all or any number in between.

Steve, I have another question…what if I sign up to gift but something happens and I can’t?

No worries my friend. You are absolutely not obligated to gift if you sign up. I only ask that you let me know as soon as possible so I can do some rearranging to make sure everyone gets something.

Hey Steve, thanks for setting this up! Can I buy you something?

Every year I say not to buy me stuff and every year people do…you’re all very mean and can’t seem to listen.

Oh I thought of another question, Steve…may I remain anonymous?

A Saint may choose to remain completely anonymous if they want to. A Saintee may not. Because this is charitable and awesomely done out of the kindness of their hearts I do need to see a post thanking them for the gifts. You don’t HAVE to have pics or anything, just thanks to the Saint.

Dammit, I’m forgetful. I have one more, Steve. Can I sign up for someone else?

Absolutely! If you have kids or a partner or other family member that you want to help get some cheer just let me know. Same rules apply, you are signing up, not them, you’re just asking for gifts for them. There needs to be an Amazon wishlist, and you, as the person signing up, cannot be in Secret Satans

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