Hierarchical tree data making software?

So here's the short story of what I have

Someone went to the Ark Encounter and snapped a picture of the supposed animal manifest that was on the boat. They then meticulously went and transcribed all the animals into a spreadsheet for so others can play with the data. So it's a list of the "Kinds" with arbitrary choices of what was the original "kind" with no thought to hierarchical organization. Now what I want to do is put this list back into hierarchical order to see where the "holes" are, so I started looking for some simple tree-making software.

After about a half hour of searching I think I'm missing something. All the software I found was just viewers and started with a "open file" dialog. Not able to find a simple editor, I decided I'll just make my own file to load and everything I found looked to require some kind a PhD in mathematics. For making trees? I even found a YouTube video that I thought would explain how the tree data worked and she she started by drawing on a whiteboard putting a "Σ" , some fractions and a square root symbol and how to calculate "distance"

Am I looking at the wrong place? "Taxonomy Software" gets me to "Thesaurus" as if they are somehow the same kind of program.

I just want to make dynamic branch things put words at the end of lines. (And most likely at the branchy bits)


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    BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User, Moderator mod
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    it sounds like what you are finding is data structure software and what you want is diagram-making software, maybe?

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    CarpyCarpy Registered User regular
    I think you're looking for something that generates phylogenetic trees. The data quality might pose issues though, can't imagine the manifest has good relationship data You could probably hand jam something in Visio or a mind mapping software.

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