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There is no Omicron in [Winter Olympics]



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    Abdhyius wrote: »
    Cello wrote: »
    Every Olympics makes me want to sport, but in particular... think I'm gonna try to learn downhill skiing next year

    I've been working hard on cross-country skate skiing this year, which seems to take multiple seasons to master, and my coach said downhill's actually a little easier starting out since there's much less technique (especially if you've gotten used to having ski feet)

    It's also a common social thing here to go skiing so it could mean fun Après Ski adventures

    ....not gonna try and replicate Big Air, though

    if you've been doing cross-country skiing, then I would recommend trying out, if you can, telemark skiing as well as regular slalom skis

    since the main thing with telemark is that your heel is free, like with normal skis, which makes moving them feel rather natural if you're used to having, well, ski feet

    I've tried it on occasion and, honestly, never quite got to the point where I felt like I got any benefit from doing that telemark turn, apart from the fact that it feels pretty cool.

    They're also great for being like, hm, that peak up there that looks nice, I want to go down that, because if you put some... skins? is that what you call the furry things you slap underneath skis? on them you can use telemark skis to walk up any hill you feel like going down. So great for backcountry.

    or, well, I did just realize that telemark skiing is kind of dead these days. (a shame, it's fun!) But for being able to actually go places with them, randonee skis do the exact same thing.

    (I'm norwegian, so a bit of me has always been like, yes this alpine centre is nice and all, but there's really too many people around)

    Telemark is still around out here, I see a couple guys every time I go out, but most people that back country just use AT bindings (which sounds like the same as randonee) that let you switch between.

    Whippy wrote: »
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    Sometimes I sell my stuff on Ebay
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