Mixing RAM question

deathnote666deathnote666 Registered User regular
I have a CPU that says it supports up to DDR4 2400.

The MB says it supports up to 2400.

I have DDR4 2400 RAM in it already.

I ordered more RAM but received the wrong kind, might be unable to return it.

Can I use DDR4 2666 RAM with the DDR4 2400 RAM?

I understand the 2666 would run at 2400 speed if it does work.


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    SyphonBlueSyphonBlue The studying beaver That beaver sure loves studying!Registered User regular
    The 2666 will work, but it will only run at 2400

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    deathnote666deathnote666 Registered User regular
    edited February 2022
    Thanks. Want to make sure as it is over $300 worth of RAM and don't want to actually open it till I'm sure.

    This is running Windows server with virtual machines if that matters.

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