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So I have decided to embrace/accept that my head hair is leaving. I have been keeping it short for a while now but have decided to just lean fully into it. Any thoughts/recommendations of how to best shave ones head? I have a beard trimmer(luckily I can sport my long full beard at least) but I have tried using that to trimmer the top of head hair and it would not manage to get an even look. I was thinking of those water safe in shower hand/palm devices, any recommendations of type/brand/model? Thanks.

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    I went through a few different types and models of hair clippers, most of them were shit and a hassle to use. Poor reliability, shitty blade shape. Batteries straight up don't charge after like a year.

    A couple of years ago I bought a "Remington Shortcut Pro Hair Cutting Kit", and it has been really great. It has a curved blade which shapes to your scalp. You can use it plugged in or on battery power. I wouldn't use it in the shower personally, I'm not really sure if it can be or not. There are product images of people running it under a sink to clean it but I wouldn't assume that means you can run it in the shower.

    I use it to cut my hair and trim my facial hair.


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    I've just used a regular safety razor for a long time now. I go every other day, but I could probably get a way with around once a week without people really noticing.
    I also prefer to shave in the shower, for what that's worth, but I didn't start that for several years.

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    A couple of friends of mine swear by the head shavers that Pitbull makes.

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    I'm bald up top but the back and sides still grow in pretty thick so periodically I'll go full cue-ball

    I start with a #2 guard on a hair trimmer to knock it all down to manageable levels. Then I take the guard off and just buzz the rest down.

    After that I either just let it stay as stubble, or use a a safety razor (with shaving cream and hot water! Don't dryshave with a safety razor) to take it down until it's smooth all over my scalp, or at least as smooth as I can get it.

    Usually after the first pass I'll rinse and dry the head and then run my hands aroudn the scalp to look for any areas that still need work.

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