PAX AUS Pinny Arcade Panel Potential Preferences for Privilege of Patrons

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Hi all,

PAX AUS is happening again!

And well, it just wouldn't be the same without some Aussie Pinny Arcade representation!

So, here's the deal. We've done some different kinds of panels and we're looking for ideas and feedback.

As a reminder:

2013-2017 - we did a Pinny Arcade 101 Panel, which focused on information about Pinny Arcade, providing guides to newcomers to the hobby and how to get started.

2018 - we did a combined Pinny Arcade 101 style panel which focused on individual Pinny Arcade panellists stories, along with a trivia style game show.

2019 - we did two panels, a Pinny Arcade 101 panel and a Pinny Arcade Game Show panel.

2022 - ?

So, here's some options, but we'd love to hear yours, and we'd love feedback on these potentials.

OPTION 1: Pinny Arcade 101. This long-standing panel has always worked well, and with it being several years, some people might want refreshers as well.

OPTION 2: Pinny Arcade Game Show. People seemed to enjoy the Pinny Arcade Game Show of 2019 and after a few years off, it would be good to have some fun with it again.

OPTION 3: Pinny Arcade Pin Collecting and Trading during a Pandemic. A new style of panel, which would feature stories and information about how Pinnypals continued to bond over their hobby while being isolated.

Additionally, these options can be combined - for instance, I can see Option 1 and 3 working together well.

If you have ideas, if you're interested in being involved, if you need more info, sound off below, DM me on Slack, etc.



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