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Join The Massachusetts Adventurer's Society for some Call of Cthulhu insanity!

wreckeurwreckeur Registered User regular
edited April 2022 in PAX East
Hi everyone!

I'd like to personally invite you to join The Massachusetts Adventurer's Society to help investigate THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY at PAX East 2022!

The Massachusetts Adventurer's Society has put together a team for a curious mystery. The sister of a wealthy socialite was committed to the Ashcroft Institute of Psychiatry for disturbing dreams. However, there was an unfortunate incident and she did not survive. Now, two years later, the young heir has received a cryptic note and believes his sister is still alive. Help discover the truth about Ashcroft, and unravel the dark conspiracy!

Follow the links below to claim your spot at one of our games!

THURSDAY 3:30-7:30

FRIDAY 3:30-7:30

SATURDAY 3:30-7:30

SUNDAY 2:30-6:30

Thank you!fglq09i75mrl.jpg

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  • lotionsalesmanlotionsalesman Registered User new member
    Had an awesome time playing a pre-made greasy detective in this game. Wanted to know if there was somewhere I could find out more/get involved with the Massachusetts Adventurer’s Society

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